Repairing my Nokia N80 – Part 1

I’ve been using my Nokia N80 for more than a year now and been fairly happy with it.

So it was it a bit of a surprise when it started acting up last week. For some reason, if anyone called me, I could only hear them if I switched the sound to the loudspeaker.

As you can imagine, using the loadspeaker does not go down well in a crowded office environment.

Strangely enough, three other people with Nokia N80’s experienced the same problem.

Also, trying to use the front camera, caused a “hardware failure” message to appear.The defective N80 flex cable

A little research with Google revealed these problems to be symptoms of a faulty flex cable. Thats the cable that connects the two halves of the N80 together.

At this point I had three options

  1. Have the phone repaired at an official repair centre
  2. Have the phone repaired at and un-official repair centre for R500 (approximately $70)
  3. Fix it myself

Since I had installed modded firmware on my N80, I was pretty sure my warranty was voided. So option 1 was a no-no. Paying R500 for a no guarantee repair was also out.

So that left repairing it myself. An option that became even more appealing once I found out a flex cable costs only R10.

In Part 2, I’ll start the repair attempt

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