The mobile platform wars

As a child born in the 70’s, I lived through the PC platform wars of the 80’s. Although I was oblivious to what was happening at the time, I did notice some of its effects as much as any other child would. One day my dad was using WordPefect, Lotus 123, dBase and DOS; the next day we had Word, Excel, Access and Windows. s a teenager in the 90’s I read about the events of the 80’s: How Microsoft came to dominance not only through brilliance on its own but through idiocy on the part of its competitors [Read More]

Looking back and 2010: Where did the time go?

How time flies. When I look back at my blog and at 2010 in particular, it’s clear that I didn’t accomplish much blogging. Once again the culprit was a heavy work load that only let up towards the end of 2010. How heavy a workload? Well, for once in my entire working career, my company actually had to pay me for annual leave not taken. [Read More]
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A small WPF project management application

They say the best way to learn something new is to jump in head first and just do it. Don’t ask me who “they” are but apparently, that’s what they say. One of my goals last year was to teach myself the WPF framework. I’ve been playing around with it on off for most of 2009 and it’s a truly impressive framework. This year, I’ve decided to expand that knowledge by creating something useful to me using WPF and C#. [Read More]
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Beginning Development with Silverlight 2

Half way into 2009 and I’m already finding my New Years resolutions tough to keep. I’ve hardly touched typingweb, Symbian looks like a non starter and I would be lucky if I could memorise a grocery list much less half a deck of cards. But the one goal which has been right on track is my “Learn WPF” goal. So much so in fact, that I have decided to “upgrade” the goal and learn Silverlight as well. I haven’t been writing much about the WPF learning process so I thought I’d remedy that by writing about my forays into the world of Silverlight 2. [Read More]