Looking back and 2010: Where did the time go?

1 minute read

How time flies. When I look back at my blog and at 2010 in particular, it’s clear that I didn’t accomplish much blogging. Once again the culprit was a heavy work load that only let up towards the end of 2010. How heavy a workload? Well, for once in my entire working career, my company actually had to pay me for annual leave not taken.

And yet it started so promisingly. At the start of 2010, I was winding down a project and had dreams of taking a few less challenging projects for the next couple of months. Hence, the absolute flurry of blog posts in January 2010 (for me at least Smile). And while the months following were less intense, what followed after was a lot busier than I would’ve imagined.

From May to September I spent 95% of my time in 4 African countries and Dubai. The work was challenging but the team and I had an absolute blast. We designed a private cutting edge internal cloud for our client and this led me to change my primary focus from Technical Architecture to Infrastructure Strategy.

So for the next year or so, I’ll be focussing around the Business Value of Next Generation Infrastructures.

And, time permitting of course, I hope to blog more about what I’ve learnt. Not to say that I will completely ignore other interests such as Silverlight, WPF and mobile phones.

Here’s to a more productive 2011!