Amazon has started sending book buyers emails asking them to review books, that they have recently bought, as part of their new strategy to improve their book reviews.

I got one of those emails a couple of months ago and did not think much of it a time. Now, I buy a lot of kindle books. so I started get a request for review email after every kindle book purchase and I started thinking to myself “Why not?”.
As of January 2013 my kindle library has 238 book of which around half of those are non-fiction non-programming books.

I have a very specific way of reading these kinds of books:1. I have a quick read through the book to gauge the content and whether it impresses me of not.2. If it does impress me, I re-read the book, taking meticulous notes in my moleskine pad.

I’ve decide to publish these reviews on my site and maybe on the Amazon website as well. These reviews will only be for those books I think are worth reading and have impressed me in some way or another. In addition, I will post an amazon affiliate link to the book on the review page which means that if you purchase the book via that link, I will earn a commission from Amazon.
I will only review books that I have bought which I think are worthwhile and have made an impression on me.

Lastly, the book I’m currently reading will appear on the sidebar on the main page. If I like the book, I will publish my book notes.