So what happened to those 2009 goals?

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Almost a year ago, I risked public ridicule by my friends and family and published my goals for 2009. I had hoped to track progress on all of them on this blog but that did not work out so well. Luckily I did not have “blog more frequently” as one of my goals.

Looking back at those goals has also given me a chance to reflect on the past year. This time last year I was starting out on a new project as the technical stream lead for a SAP Human Capital Module (HCM) implementation project. My role on this project was the main reason why I have not been able to blog frequently and complete some of my goals. If you look back at the frequency of my posts, you will see that my last blog entry was in July 2009 which was right about the time we had our first go-live. Since then, we’ve had 3 more go-lives, each one more intense than the previous one. The project will hopefully be ending at the end of this month and I’ve got my fingers crossed that my next project will allow some time for more frequent blog updates.

Enough of the pre-amble, here’s an update of my 2009 goals.

Goal 1: Increase touch-typing speed to 50 wpm with and accuracy of 98% or more by June 2009.

It took a little longer than expected but I’m now comfortably typing at an average of 52 wpm with an accuracy of 95% to 98% for non-technical writing. For technical writing this drops down to about 38 wpm with an accuracy of 90% to 94%, mainly due to the all those shift characters I never spent much time on. For anyone trying to improve their own touch typing speed, I highly recommend I haven’t used the site in a couple of months now, but I will be returning to brush up on the shift characters.

Goal 2: Learn the WPF Framework by March 2009

I had a lot of fun with this one. If you familiar with windows GUI programming the traditionally way, WPF GUI’s can be mind blowing. It’s easy to create really stunning interfaces but equally easy to create bloated and ugly ones. I’ve decided to put all that I’ve learnt to good use and create a little piece of software that will assist me in some of the more tedious activities I have to perform in my current role as technical stream lead. More on that in a later post though.

Goal 3: Learn Symbian C++ by April 2009

This one never really got of the ground mainly due to my interest in the symbian platform falling away right around the time I got myself an iPod touch. The simplicity and ease of use of the iPod touch blew me away. Nokia have real challenge on their hands if they are to remain market leaders. While I have no plans to replace my Nokia E71 with an Apple iPhone just yet, I can see myself seriously moving away from Nokia in 7 or 8 months time when I renew my contract. In a later post I’ll give my impressions of both platforms.

Goal 4: Improve my memory (by learning memory mnemonics and other techniques) by September 2009

Another goal that I lost interest in. I wasn’t really prepared for the amount of effort I would have to put in to make this a reality. I might revisit it this year though.

Goal 5: Create 2 robots, one simple and one intermediate, by December 2009

This is something I still want to achieve. I never really got around to it mainly due to amount of time I spent at work. I will definitely be revisiting it this year.


Looking at the above, it seems as my goal achieved rating for the year is a measly 2 out of 5. I will have to try harder this year or maybe make my goals more realistic. Lifehacker recently posted an interesting article on goal tracking tools and seems promising. I’m looking at using it when formulating my 2010 goals but more on that later.

Happy new year!