The Blogs I follow

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In January, I talked about the goals I wished to accomplish in 2009.

I’ve been following a number of blogs to help me reach those goals. But the sheer number of useful sites I found made it impossible to visit them every day. So I decided to use a RSS aggregator. At first I was only looking for a desktop client but someone convinced me to give Google Reader a try. I’m glad I listened. Google Reader is an excellent online RSS aggregator and after using it for a two months now I can’t recall how I ever did without. Now when I find a blog that has interesting articles, I check to see if it has an RSS feed and add it to Google Reader. The best thing about using an online RSS reader is that I can access via my Nokia E71 anytime.

These are some of the blogs I’ve been following:

1. Sites on Electronics, Robotics and Hardware Hacking

  1. Make Magazine – The premier hobbyist blog. With this in your RSS reader, you don’t need any other blog. This blog is updated 20-50 times daily so if you haven’t looked at the feed for a few days, you’ll end up with 500 unread posts.

2. Symbian Programming

  1. – General news info

  2. – General news on Symbian

  3. - Nokia’s developmental forum

3. WPF Blogs

Way to many to list here. I imported the opml file for “WPF Disciples” group of blogs as well as “WPF Microsoft” and “WPF Community”

4. General Life Hacks

  1. – Using technology to improve your life

  2. – A blog on goal setting and motivation

  3. – Cool blog on motivation and life skills.

These are just some of the blogs I follow. The full list can be found in the following OPML file.