How consistency allowed me to attain a 4-year old goal

In 2013 I was bitten by the cycling bug. It started when I was persuaded to join some friends mountain biking. They had bought expensive mountain bikes and wanted to test them out a local mountain biking trail. So I joined them with my department store special. That first ride was hard. But I was hooked. I soon swapped out my department store bike for a second-hand MTB bike. [Read More]

The Common Theme in Every Success Story

I’ve just finished reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. It’s an inspirational story which chronicles his rise from rural Austria to bodybuilding champion to real-estate millionaire, movie star and Governor of California. How did he do it? By having a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and being consistent in working towards that vision. Or, as he puts it, doing reps, reps and more reps. It occurred to me that this is a common theme in every success story I’ve read about over the years. [Read More]
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Publishing my book notes

Amazon has started sending book buyers emails asking them to review books, that they have recently bought, as part of their new strategy to improve their book reviews. [Read More]
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