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The Common Theme in Every Success Story

2 minute read

I’ve just finished reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story. It’s an inspirational story which chronicles his...

The Power of Social Media

less than 1 minute read

Two recent events here in South Africa, both uploaded to YouTube, showcase the power of social media

Publishing my book notes

1 minute read

Amazon has started sending book buyers emails asking them to review books, that they have recently bought, as part of their new strategy to improve their boo...

The mobile platform wars

9 minute read

As a child born in the 70’s, I lived through the PC platform wars of the 80’s. Although I was oblivious to what was happening at the time, I did notice some ...

A small WPF project management application

1 minute read

They say the best way to learn something new is to jump in head first and just do it. Don’t ask me who “they” are but apparently, that’s what they say. One o...

So what happened to those 2009 goals?

3 minute read

Almost a year ago, I risked public ridicule by my friends and family and published my goals for 2009. I had hoped to track progress on all of them on this b...

Beginning Development with Silverlight 2

3 minute read

Half way into 2009 and I’m already finding my New Years resolutions tough to keep. I’ve hardly touched typingweb, Symbian looks like a non starter and I woul...